Applications of Teflon

Plastics have many uses. They are inexpensive compared to other materials and when well-used they are a sustainable option. There are several types of plastic available in the market. The different forms of plastic available have ranging features and are, therefore, suitable for different applications. Teflon is one type of plastic that finds a wide range of uses. Teflon is the common name of polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE. PTFE is a fluoroplastic. PTFE has versatile properties that make it ideal for many applications. The popular property of Teflon is its non-stick nature. Teflon is also heat resistant and is also chemically inert. Teflon has found use in many industries. This article will be discussing some of the applications of Teflon. Read on Properties of teflon

Teflon is used in cookware. Teflon serves excellently in the kitchen since it's non-stick. Teflon pots and pans have a PTFE coating. Its heat resistance also makes it ideal for cookware. Teflon can withstand the high temperatures generated by an oven. Other than use in pots and pans, Teflon is also used in cutting boards. A cutting board is used for different types of foods and this leads to staining. Cleaning stains off a cutting board can prove problematic. Food can easily be cross-contaminated when utensils lack proper cleaning. However, this is not experienced with Teflon-coated cookware. The non-stick nature of Teflon makes it ideal for use in cutting boards. Click on What is FEP

Other than use in cookware, Teflon is also used in manufacturing industries. Machines are very important when it comes to manufacturing. Due to the close contact machine parts have, they are susceptible to wear and tear. To reduce friction between machine parts, lubrication is necessary. The friction resistance of Teflon makes it an ideal lubricant. Teflon can be used as a lubricant for gears, bearings, joints, slide plates and other moving machine parts. Teflon is a great lubricant and it will reduce wear and tear of machine parts thereby increasing the longevity of machines. Teflon is also used as an insulator. Teflon has excellent dielectric properties. This makes it ideal for use in cable insulation.

Teflon, like most plastics, is chemically inert. Its chemical inert nature makes it suitable for different uses. Teflon is used to make artificial body parts for this reason. There are numerous uses of Teflon due to its non-stick property. It is ideal for making stain-resistant carpets and fabric. Cleaning is easier when the fabric is stain-resistant. These are some of the many uses of Teflon. Discover more on

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